Epoxy Expertise

Epoxy Tables offer versatility in design allowing, for the inclusion of unique elements such as River- like patterns embedded objects like shells, stone, and intricate abstract designs. The customizations add a personal touch and can match any interior style from rustic and industrial to modern and contemporary. Weather used as a dinning table, coffee table served as focal points that enhance the overall ambience of any space.

I have always had a passion for woodworking since I was a child, which eventually led me to start my own business. My name is Travis. Together with my partner, Rose, we are the proud owners of Epoxy Expertise, a Custom-Made Epoxy Table Business. We specialize in creating unique and stunning Epoxy Resin Tables that combine the natural beauty of wood with the sleek and modern look of resin. Epoxy Resin is a versatile material that, when combined with the right techniques, allows us to create durable and one-of-a-kind pieces. With our expertise and attention to detail, we strive to deliver high-quality products that exceed our customers expectations. At Epoxy Expertise, we are dedicated to creating functional and artistic pieces that enhance any space.

Who We Are ...